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Projects, Processes & Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Projects, Processes & Systems - Essay Example It also deals with motivating and managing all the people involved. The ultimate aim of project management is to complete the assigned project within the agreed time, cost and performance (KNUTSON, Joan and Bitz, Ira, 1991). The key players of a project include the client, the users, the project control groups, the project manager(s) and the stake holders (HEALY, Patrick L., 1997). The client is the person who pays for the project from the beginning till its end. It is the client for whom the project is being conducted. The users are those which will the run the project after the completion. For example, after the completion of a new product facility, those who will be running it, will be its users. These users are required to be considered during the project and some of them should be represented during the project so that they can contribute their skills. The project control group is a committee which usually has a number of representatives from various sections. The contractor is one who conducts the project management task for the client. There stakeholders are all the persons who are affected by the project. The Project Manager is the person who manages the whole project. His ultimate duty is to successfully complete the project as per the requirement of the customer. ... The Project Manager constitutes a team at the start, which should have all the required members for doing various tasks included in the Project. For example, when the state appoints a Project Manager for establishing a fire service in a new town, the Project Manager should have labor for infrastructure construction, finance department to keep check and balance, logistic department to bring necessary materials for construction, administrative department to see who is working to what extent and assigning tasks, engineering persons to design the infrastructure, decide on what vehicles to be bought for the service and IT persons to develop the network for complaint receiving. To constitute the team members and to work smoothly and efficiently on project, project managers need the full support of functional managers. The functional mangers are those which are working on the actual operations of the organization and are appointed for longer period of time. Project managers are appointed fo r specific tasks, after completion of which, their duties are no longer required. Functional managers expect their departments to exist indefinitely and they need resources for full-time while project exist for definite period and needs resources for a temporary period of time (HAYNES, Marion E., 2002, p.3). The importance of collaboration between functional and project managers can be elaborated with the example of expanding an airport services. Project managers might need people from functional managers who can tell the different locations of the airport. He might require info about the idle timing so that he can carry construction work so that flights are

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Computer engineer Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Computer engineer - Research Paper Example Bachelor's degrees in software engineering or computer science are a common place to start. Coursework to prepare the student Computer Engineer will include such topics as database design, systems analysis, critical thinking and technical writing. Because computer technology is a field that is constantly changing, continued education is vital to a successful career in Computer Engineering. High school students interested in pursuing this type of work should study mathematics, computer science, and physics. They should also take computer- programming courses in school or learn computer languages in their spare time. When in college, students should try to gain experience by getting an internship with software engineers. Most employers require that computer software engineers have a college education in computer science or software engineering. For more demanding jobs, a graduate degree is preferred. Knowledge of the major computer languages is a must. National certification courses ar e offered for most major computer languages, including C++, Java, and XML. ... ties and Responsibilities of a Computer Engineer Computer software engineers develop and maintain computer software programs, which are coded instructions that tell the computer what to do in logical steps. Software engineers work on a wide range of projects. They work in manufacturing, industry, engineering, government offices, and educational institutions. Sometimes they work on improving computer systems already in use. When asked to develop a program, a software engineer would first analyze the task and apply techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to come up with the best solution. The software engineer would then prepare systems flow charts that show diagrammatically how information would flow through the computer and its peripheral equipment to get the job done. Finally, they would create an outline of the actual program. In a large organization, such as a computer software company, computer engineers would instruct computer programmers to write the actual code that makes up the program and intercede only when the programmers have a problem. Once the program has been developed, the software engineer may test it for problems and examine it for errors in logic or data. Some programs require days to write, while others may require a year or so. (Cited from Barbara Bellesi; Computer Engineer-Duties and Salaries) Industry Growth and Wages Computer engineers will be in hot demand as computer networks grow in importance for companies both large and small. As a computer engineer, you can find employment in a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors, such as business, telecommunications, government, and health care. Computer engineers specializing in the Internet will be successful in finding employment for businesses

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My Trip to Muir Woods Essay Example for Free

My Trip to Muir Woods Essay Just about anyone can tell you of a trip they’ve taken that was truly memorable. If they were like me, perhaps they took family road trips in the summer when they were kids, or maybe they had the chance to visit a foreign country. Whatever the case may be, there were events that occurred on these trips that created memories that will be cherished for the rest of their lives. I have been fortunate because I’ve traveled many places and those trips have always been memorable. My trip to Muir Woods National Park in California is one good example, and it proved to be memorable because it impacted me in ways I did not expect. My first trip to Muir Woods National Park happened on Thanksgiving Day in 2009. My roommate and I had just moved to San Francisco in March of that year and this was our first Thanksgiving there. My younger sister had flown out from Minnesota to spend the holiday with me, and we all agreed that it might be fun to drive up to Muir Woods since none of us had been there yet. The day dawned bright and clear and rather warm, which is unusual for San Francisco in November. Usually it is very cold and foggy that time of year. We were on the road pretty early in the morning and I remember when we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, the hills to the north were still wreathed in fog and the sun was coming up behind us. It gave the fog an ethereal glow and made the hills look so mysterious from that distance. Between the fog that still lingered in pockets and the sunshine peeking over the hilltops, I felt like we were riding through some mystical land in a fairytale. The drive held a little spice of fear for me as well. My roommate was the one driving and she could be a little reckless at times in the car. I am a somewhat anxious passenger even at the best of times, so when she would take the turns in the road so quickly, I would be biting my nails 3 and holding onto the door handle for dear life! For the most part though, I was so entranced by the landscape that I paid little attention to my roommate’s antics on the road. I kept searching for glances of the legendary redwoods we were to see, but although I saw many awe-inspiring vistas on that drive, I caught no hint of those ancient giants. It was not until we pulled into the entrance to the park that I got my first glimpse of the monstrous redwoods of Muir Woods. As we walked into the first groves past the gate, I was nearly overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of the trees around me. I couldn’t help but feel as though I was surrounded by hundreds of ancient sentinels that guarded some deep, secret knowledge of the world that I was far too young to comprehend. It was still early enough in the day that the sun had only reached the tops of these giants, so the forest floor was still dark and coolly moist. Wisps of fog wound through these enormous trunks like the ghosts of hunters past. I remember walking into one grove that is called the Cathedral and feeling like I had just stepped onto sacred ground. The weight of silence and age was almost a living, tangible thing and every single one of us spoke in reverent whispers. For me, standing in the presence of creatures that had witnessed the dawn of civilization on this continent was a humbling experience. I will never forget how small I felt standing in that ancient forest, nor will I forget the sense I had of walking in the presence of a being far greater and older than I. The majesty and wonder of the redwoods of Muir Woods captured my heart and my imagination, and that is why I consider this trip to be one of my most memorable.

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Atlanta Reconstruction :: essays research papers

Atlanta Reconstructed   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Having been a gateway to and from southern economics and enterprise before and during the war, Atlanta seemingly sealed its fate by becoming a strategic target for a union offensive. In an effort to cripple the supply line to Confederate forces, General Sherman opted to finish destroying the already war wrenched city. When Union forces finally left Atlanta, it appeared little more then a desolate wasteland. Undoubtedly Sherman had achieved the Unions goal, as well as sending a clear message to the Confederates.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  With the end of the Civil War, Atlanta served as a project and model for all the southern populous. Whites and Blacks alike quickly filled the city and rebuilding began at an astonishing rate. Southern whites, seemingly relieved at the end of the war, wasted no time in creating an environment to suite their needs. Four railways were the centerpiece to Atlanta’s new vibrant economy. Soon, Atlanta surpassed its pre-war status in both area and size.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Reconstruction Act of 1867 offered a military presence in Atlanta that insured blacks safety. Like the rest of the southern Freedmen, blacks flooded the city to escape plantations and seek a better life. The white population took a different approach then other southern areas, seeming to ignore the ever-growing black population. Jobs were sparse for the Freedmen and although compiling nearly half of Atlanta’s population, blacks found themselves living well below the white standard of living. Owing to the military presents, whites simply concentrated their energies on making themselves and their city more comfortable and wealthy then ever before. In 1868, Atlanta became the new Capitol, further fueling the goal of making it the heart and soul of Georgia.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  With the passing of the Fifteenth Amendment, Blacks earned the right to vote. This, although powerful in appearance, had little effect on the segregation that Atlanta’s white population had adopted. Black voters boosted the presence of the Republican Party, but not enough to over through that of the Democrats. As Atlanta’s growth subsided and the military presence was lifted, blacks left the inner city, taking refuge on the outskirts of town. Atlanta had seemingly succeeded in its goals. It welcomed northerners with open arms, but dealt with the blacks by simply shunting them to one side. Over time, blacks and whites simply lived life apart from one another.

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EOQ, Economic Order Quantity

An Economic Order Quantity is the optimal number of order that minimizes total variable costs required to order and hold inventory, that is to say, that EOQ helps us to determine the appropriate amount and frequency when ordering and holding inventory. EOQ is used as part of a continuous review inventory system, in which the level of inventory is monitored at all times, and a fixed quantity is ordered each time the inventory level reaches a specific reorder point, as it shown in the left-hand graphic, where R is the minimum inventory. Moreover, EOQ is essentially an accounting formula that determines the point at which the combination of order costs and inventory carrying costs are the least. The result is the most cost effective quantity to order. Also, EOQ is generally recommended in operations where demand is relatively steady, items with demand variability such as seasonality can still use the model by going to shorter time periods for the EOQ calculation. This Model have som assumptions that are important to take into account: 1. Demand is known and is deterministic, ie. constant. 2. The lead time, ie. he time between the placement of the order and the receipt of the order is known and constant. 3. The receipt of inventory is instantaneous. In other words the inventory from an order arrives in one batch at one point in time. 4. Quantity discounts are not possible, in other words it does not make any difference how much we order, the price of the product will still be the same. (for the Basic EOQ-Model) 5. Tha t the only costs pertinent to the inventory model are the cost of placing an order and the cost of holding or storing inventory over time. The basic Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) formula is: WhereA = Demand for the year Cp = Cost to place a single order Ch = Cost to hold one unit inventory for a year Then, the before formula try to Minimize the Total cost per period, that consist in: Total cost per period = inventory holding costs per period + order costs per period Where: Order Cost = The Number of Orders Placed in the period x Order Costs Carrying Cost = Average Inventory Level x the Carrying Costs of 1 unit of Stock for one period Then as a Result of this minimizing we get the Total Relevant Cost (TRC) which is TRC = Yearly Holding Cost + Yearly Ordering Cost = So we can see that the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) is derived from this formula as the graphic shows. Economic Order Quantities can also have many variations on its basic model. The most useful ones are: * Quantity discount logic can be programmed to work in conjunction with the EOQ formula to determine optimum order quantities. Most systems will require this additional programming. * Additional logic can be programmed to determine max quantities for items subject to spoilage or to prevent obsolescence on items reaching the end of their product life cycle. When used in manufacturing to determine lot sizes where production runs are very long (weeks or months) and finished product is being released to stock and consumed/sold throughout the production run you may need to take into account the ratio of production to consumption to more accurately represent the average inventory level. * Your safety stock calculation may take into account the order cycle time that is driven by the EOQ. If so, you may need to tie the cost of the change in safety stock levels into the formula.

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To What Extent Did Pancho Villa s Relations With The U.s....

This investigation will explore the question: To what extent did Pancho Villa’s relations with the U.S. change his political image? I will be evaluating The Mexican Revolution by Adolfo Gilly as well as The United States and Pancho Villa: A Study in Unconventional Diplomacy by Clarence C. Clendenen. I selected these two sources to compare because the first source is written by Adolfo Gilly, who is a professor in Mexico which means his viewpoint is different compared to Clarence Clendenen’s, who is a professor at Stanford University in the United States. The origins of the first secondary source, The Mexican Revolution, by Adolfo Gilly was published in 2005. This source describes the Mexican Revolution in depth specifically from the†¦show more content†¦However this source also addresses the opposite side due to the fact that he was a prisoner for a time. This source has helped me with my investigation by providing information that is partial to the Mexicans an d specifically mentions how the peasants viewed Pancho Villa. The origins of the next secondary source is written by Clarence Clendenen The United States and Pancho Villa: A Study in Unconventional Diplomacy was published in 1961. This source depicts Pancho Villa and his relations with the United States, specifically about how he would not have been able to succeed as a revolutionary figure if it were not for the U.S government and Woodrow Wilson. The purpose the author wrote this source is because he wanted to educate people, specifically U.S. citizens on how the United States was seen as a superior country and poorer countries such as Mexico strived for U.S. favor. The content this source is that Villa would not have been as successful were it not for the favor of the U.S. This source is of value because it outlines specific details of how Pancho Villa’s image was transformed due to the U.S. This source has helped me in my investigation by giving specific examples of how Pancho Villa used the media, however it has limited me because of the fact it takes on the point of the U.S. perspective and does not give the perspective of the Mexicans. Overall, I used both of these sources

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Beauty and the Beast...of Media - 1237 Words

Beauty and the Beast...of Media Media is everywhere we turn. It’s displayed on billboards, commercials, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It influences people to purchase certain things or even vote for a certain presidential candidate. Media tells us who we are and who we should be. Although media has its positive effects, like spreading the latest news quickly, it also has many downfalls for teenagers, specifically teenage girls, who are hounded with a stream of media related to body image. Today most women always feel the need to look in a mirror whenever they see one to fix their hair or makeup, or even compare themselves to an advertisement featuring an unblemished, blonde haired, skinny woman with perfect hair and skin. Every single girl has done this, but how can it possibly be her fault? For so long women have been trained to compare themselves to others. Girls see flashing lights on every corner that scream to them â€Å"they aren’t good enough† or â€Å"skinny enough†. Seeing thos e ads and their negative message that is sent, girls will go to drastic measures to fit themselves into this image of what society calls â€Å"perfection†, but advertisers are not worried about the person who is buying the product, they are just more worried about if they are going to buy it and often look beyond the point that their ads affect the way girls internalize their messages. For many years, mass media has worked hard to compose this ideal image of what a â€Å"perfect girl† should look like.TheShow MoreRelatedThe Female And Female Relationship1140 Words   |  5 PagesSubmitted date: March 10th, 2016 In our modern society, the mass media and popular culture have cooperative relationships between the dominant and subordinate group, thus the media tend to reinforce and highlight the values and images of those who create the messages and own the means of distribution. In doing so, Disney movies exhibit clear messages for children in general; what the media define as â€Å"normal† reinforces the stereotypes of gender, while intersectionality can challengeRead MoreBeauty And The Beast Response1380 Words   |  6 Pages Beauty and the Beast was originally released in 1991 as a cartoon. It was was remade in 2017 as a live action musical starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. This movie did very well in theaters making about $400 million worldwide in the box office. However, this movie had a very controversial response. This movie target age has a very wide range because Beauty and The Beast is disney princess movie so it attracted the younger gen eration. It also attracted older generationsRead MoreBeauty and the Beast Essay991 Words   |  4 PagesBeauty and the Beast Disney is an excellent example of a Media corporation as it is known worldwide, go any where in the world and ask someone about Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck and they will know that you are talkingRead MoreThe Portrayal Of Children s Books918 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Children are highly acquiescent, and as such the media they consume is highly important in their socialization. Taking into consideration the ubiquity of media and the degree to which it is entwined in the lives of children, it is important that we be concerned with the themes presented in children’s media – including books. As noted by Taylor (2003), Children s books are an important cultural mechanism for teaching children gender roles. If children are exposed to stereotypical imagesRead MoreEssay on A Comparison of Beauty and the Beast with Toy Story1236 Words   |  5 Pagesof Beauty and the Beast with Toy Story INTRODUCTION Disney is an excellent example of a Media corporation as it is known worldwide, go any where in the world and ask someone about Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck and they will know that you are talking about Disney. They have a huge range of advertising and merchandise ranging from childrens books and films to holiday resorts and theme parks. The Disney brand appeals to all, children and adults alike. Beauty andRead MoreFemale Characters Of The Movie The Beast 1090 Words   |  5 Pagesindividuality. In fact, these animated movies introduce the concept of male villains, a status that was primarily reserved for evil queens and witches in the previous fairytales. This new portrayal is shown in Beauty The Beast with Gaston being a simple villager with grand ideas of marriage and schemes of beast-killing. Unlike the prior Princes, Gaston is a man with power, talents, and recognition in the town. Every man wants to be as strong and capable, and every woman is attracted to his ruggedly handsomeRead MoreThe Hunchback Of Notre Dame1737 Words   |  7 PagesSerge Gainsbourg, a true Renaissance man of his time, once bemused that â€Å"ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts†. Unfortunately, temporary beauty has repeatedly proved to be a more impactful trait in both modern media portrayals and daily life. In the movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, produced by D isney, the main character Quasimodo is a hunchback who lives a secluded life with his adopted father, Claude Frollo. When he finally leaves the clock tower to see the world, he fallsRead MoreA Tale Imagined by Disney1200 Words   |  5 PagesA Tale Imagined by Disney Up until the 1950’s, books were considered for leisure and family time but not for marketing (Zipes, 2009). High-tech and mass media has brought about a culture that surrounds us by residues of the fairy tale by Disney’s marketing marvels ranging from motion picture revisions and music to toys and fast food enticements (Parsons, 2004). Jack Zipes claims that we â€Å"live in a world that causes our lives to be mediated and determined by illusionary images,† and in the lastRead MoreEssay Gender Roles in Disney1174 Words   |  5 Pagesworked for the family. Within the past few decades, women and men both have contributed their efforts to reduce the stereotypes of both men and women. And the effort did in fact make big changes in the society over time. However, some types of current media influence and teach its viewers the stereotypes of gender that people have been trying to diminish. Disney, in particular uses its films to highlight the gender roles of the s ociety. Many of the Disney princess movies like Cinderella all share theRead MoreThe, Beauty And The Beast, By Dave Barry1227 Words   |  5 Pagesstandards set by the beauty industry. In Dave Barry’s â€Å"Beauty and the Beast† he displays that it is planted in young girls minds that they need to look, dress, feel, and even act a certain way. However, men aren’t as affected by these capitalistic marketing schemes. In short, the media has affected the way women think of themselves. These influences of bad habits are all around us. There are four major categories of mass media to control what we see everywhere we go. Broadcast media is what we see on